ORANGE RIVER PROJECT at the Rupert Museum, Friday, 2 December 2022 at 14:30 for 15:00

The presentation is a sonic lecture, so a sound-based durational performance with recorded and live elements.

Amy Watson, Sinethemba Twalo, Dee Marco and Nina Barnett will present a sonic lecture in the exhibition space. This performative gesture invites thinking with the river from differing but intersectional experiences: from the vantage point of those who have witnessed it, those who long for it, those who write with it and for it, those who have touched it and those who imagine the river. The sonic lecture will centralise sound to think with this body of moving water and its locations across South Africa, considering the ways in which it maps place and time, pasts and futures. Invited guests will bring their own offerings as further ways of guiding, mapping and speculating along the Orange River.

Meet the Artists :
The Orange River Project is a collaborative initiative by Nina Barnett, Sinethemba Twalo, Amy Watson and Dee Marco, which draws on their respective transdisciplinary practices as a means of thinking through and with the river.


Dec 02 2022


15:00 - 17:00


Rupert Museum
Rupert Museum, Stellentia Road, Stellenbosch Central