Rupert Foundations

Rupert Foundation

Rupert Art Foundation
The Rupert Art Foundation, established in 1984, was created in the public interest to further the visual and applied arts in all their facets and to lead the greater public in the cultural value thereof.

Rupert Museum
The Rupert Museum in Stellenbosch showcases the unique private art collection – predominantly paintings, sculptures and tapestries – started in the 1940s by the late Anton and Huberte Rupert. The Museum buildings have recently been renovated, developing the concept of a “Museum without Walls” with a focus on education through the enjoyment of the arts, and participation in the creative process facilitated by various Museum-led programmes and projects.

Rupert Education Foundation
The Rupert Education Foundation was established in 1985, mainly as a special fund in South Africa to directly combat expenses incurred in the provision of educational or training facilities.

Rupert Music Foundation
The Rupert Music Foundation was established in 1984 to promote classical music in South Africa and to educate the general public of its cultural value. Music schools, universities, educational projects, orchestras and various classical music performances in concert are supported by this Foundation.

Rupert Nature Foundation
The Rupert Nature Foundation was established in 1984 to participate in and promote nature conservation and animal protection activities in South Africa. This includes the establishment of national parks and nature reserves. Visit

Rupert Historical Homes
The Rupert Historical Homes Foundation was established in 1984. The primary goals of this trust are the  urchase, restoration and leasing of threatened historic buildings; acting as a facilitator to mediate the conservation of heritage property; training the public in aspects of culture and conservation and acting as a facilitator in keeping a record of the conservation laws of South Africa.


“I really think …you should have people who know a lot about issues pertaining to the project, and people who know nothing.
Because they are the ones who can come up with the crazy ideas.”
– Kunle Adeyemi

South African Tourism College
With the financial assistance of the Rupert Family Foundations, the South African Tourism College was  stablished in Graaff-Reinet in 2001 by Dr Anton Rupert as an engine for local economic empowerment. Exclusively aimed at unskilled and unemployed youths from impoverished, rural circumstances in southern Africa, the family foundations remain the single largest sponsor of the college, which – in line with the Rupert Family Foundations’ commitment to conservation – finds itself operating within the eco-tourism sector of the burgeoning tourism industry of the sub-continent. According to graduate tracking, 92% of SACT graduates are gainfully employed.

The College focuses on three primary educational categories.

Hospitality Training:
Annually trains 95 young men and women teaching operational and management skills for the lodge and guesthouse industry. The college has grown from a small private training institution. Visit

Tracker Training:
Trains 24 men young men and women annually in the age-old skill of wildlife tracking. Visit

Herding Academy:
Trains 12 young men and women annually in a holistic learning platform where the ancient skill of herding livestock to sustainably preserve nature is shared.

Imibala Trust
The Imibala Trust, supported by the Gallery and Restaurant in Somerset West, aids school children, deeply affected by impoverished circumstances. Visit